Intellicore Managed Services

What is Intellicore Managed Services?

It means intelligent technicians managing your systems. It means you do not have to decide if that latest update will bring your system to a grinding halt. It means never having to decide if or when you should patch that PDF reader, or Office Update. We do it for you.

Intellicore Managed Services is a monitoring service that alerts our Operations Center Staff that something may be amiss. It alerts us if someone attempts to hack your machine. It alerts us if you run low on disk space, or if your Memory is being over utilized. It alerts us if critical Windows Services stall.

It monitors dozens of these critical services and checks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It allows us to schedule a technician to connect to you remotely, to fix anything that goes wrong.

It even allows your mission critical files to be backed up to an offsite data center. That’s right – the Cloud! It allows you to rest easy that your hardware and software and data is in good hands. Because you called someone who cares.

Call someone who cares. Call us.