Hardware & Software

Many companies will *just* sell you software, or *just* sell you hardware.  We don’t and we won’t.  The decision to avoid putting up a web site to sell hardware and software as commodities was an easy one.  Our most senior consultants can tell many stories about getting called into businesses – both small *and* large – where some previous company had done a tremendous job ‘selling’ hardware and software.  Closed the deal, delivered the goods, and walked away.

BUT! Did the hardware meet the customer needs? Did the software improve any process? Did it help the customer save money or make money? Were the users well trained and supported through the transition? Many times the answer is “Frankly, No”.  The price was a really good price. Really? Was it? Sadly, many times it was not.  Many times it costs much more to buy the wrong solution, and then either re-buy it after learning it does not do the job, or, perhaps worse, put up with the solution not meeting the needs.

We believe that unless you have the deployment, the data migration, the integration with existing systems, and services, *and* the ability to train and support the users on the new hardware or software, that “Selling Software” may not be doing anyone any favours – at *any* price.

Which is why we offer hardware and software life cycle management.

What is I.T. Life Cycle Management?  It means proper Assessments of needs, and mapping solutions to the needs of the business. It means proper Procurement of computer assets and accessories. It means professional Deployment of securely integrated IT systems, applications, patches, and updates. It must include user resources such as Training, reference materials, and help desk services. It includes Management of computer assets throughout their useful life. And finally, it includes the eco-friendly Retirement of those computer assets, software and hardware, peripherals, and consumables.

You can’t get that off a web page.  Call us, call someone who cares.